QUIZ: Name the Herb!

QUIZ: Name the Herb!

There are many different types of herbs that are used mainly either for culinary use or medicinal purposes. Their spicy and woody aromas make them great additions to all food groups including meats, fresh vegetables, juices and even cocktails. Many herbs are known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and have therefore been used by healers all over the world.

However, herbs are very versatile plants and are also applied to spiritual purposes. For example, chamomile and lavender have been used for centuries to aid in anxiety and insomnia. Simply put, herbs are a must-have in every kitchen. In fact, if you’re thinking of making a care package or gift basket, consider adding fresh or dried herbs.

You can even get creative and make a jar of dried herb seasoning or butter and surprise your friends and loved ones with this thoughtful and useful gift. So how well do you know herbs and their uses? Test yourself with this quiz. Let’s get started!

#1. Name the herb in the image above.

Basil has a sweet and mildly spicy flavor which makes it perfect for a variety of sauces, salads, and soups. It even goes well with cocktails, including lemonade, gin and tonic, vodka and soda, mojitos and even margaritas.  

#2. Which of these images is showing parsley?

Believe it or not, those two are different! Cilantro leaves are more rounded, while parsley leaves are pointed. Parsley has a fresh, mild herbal scent, while cilantro has a much stronger, spicy, citrusy aroma.

#3. Name the herb in the image above.

Sprigs of rosemary can be used for garnishing meals but they’re also great for marinating meats for roast. They are also used to flavor meaty dishes and soups.

#4. Can you identify which of these images is showing coriander?

Also called Dania or Dhaniya, coriander leaves can be used for garnishing or flavoring meaty dishes and curries. They’re also great additions to dips and salsas.

#5. Name the herb in the image above.

Bay leaves are great for flavoring slow simmering stews, soups and sauces. You can also use them to steam fresh veggies.

#6. Which of the two images is showing sage?

Sage is most popular for it’s use in clearing energy spaces, but did you know that it can also be used in cocktails and teas? It can be used to make savory pastas and meat dishes in addition to garnishing.

#7. Which herb is shown in the image above?

Thyme pairs well with meats, chicken, stews, soups, eggs, pastas, vegetables such as roast potatoes and beans. It can be used either fresh or dried. Fresh thyme adds a nice flavor to fish and seafood.

#8. Which of the two images shows mint leaves?

Mint is a versatile herb used to flavor desserts and pairs particularly well with chocolate. It’s also used in steamed vegetables, soups, teas, juices, smoothies and cocktails.

#9. Name the herb in the image above.

Lemongrass is not only used in salads, it can be squeezed for essential oil, energy cleaning and even décor! It’s full appearance makes it great for a potted plant or kitchen garden.

#10. Which of these two images is showing oregano?

Dried oregano, when finely crushed can be added to fresh dough and add a nice taste to your pastries. It’s also a nice addition to scrambled eggs for pescatarians out there.


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