QUIZ: Name the Tree – Part II

QUIZ: Name the Tree – Part II

In his book The Hidden Life of Trees, forester and author Peter Wohlleben invites to consider the idea that ‘trees experience pain and have memories, and that tree parents live together with their children’. In short, trees are social beings. They are some of the biggest living organisms on our planet, some of which are over 5 millenniums old. Some tree species are estimated to have been seeded on earth millions of years ago, and have prehistory recorded in their rings.

Scientists who study these rings are called dendrochronologists, but they’re not the only ones interested in what’s hidden in the grooves of tree rings. A few years ago, sound artist Bartholomäus Traubeck began making music from tree rings. He compiled it into an album named Years, featuring breathtaking recordings from different Austrian trees.

Years by Bartholomäus Traubeck

Our world is indeed full of wonder. So, can you name these iconic trees? Take the quiz to find out!

#1. This majestic tree is native to Africa and is said to live up to 5000 years. Hint: It has appeared in the films Madagascar and The Lion King.

#2. This tree is actually in the grass family and is the world's tallest grass.

#3. This tree is popular for it's fragrant and beautiful pendulum flowers but revered for how poisonous it is.

#4. These trees are most famous for their height and volume. Hint: There's a national park named for these trees in California, USA.

#5. This tree produces juicy, yellow fruit used to make a famous alcoholic liqueur. Hint: Famously consumed by wildlife in the African jungle.

#6. This tree's leaves were weaved into crowns and wreaths in the Roman Empire. Hint: Their wood is used to make wine barrels.

#7. These trees are well known for their height and are known as "Quaking -". Hint: There's a popular ski resort mountain town in Colorado that shares this name.

#8. These fictional trees appeared in the TV Show Game of Thrones and had faces curved on them.

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, weirwood trees live an extremely long time, and even when they die they do not rot. Objects made of weirwood are as lasting as stone.

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